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To get free advice on trading stocks on the US stock market:

  • want to learn trading
  • get rates and Commission for providing access to the US stock exchange
  • to open a trading or a demo account on Nyse, Nasdaq.
  • how to start trading stocks
  • and other questions...


10 Great Ways to Learn Stock Trading

Trading conditions

We provide direct access to US stock exchanges. You can use the best and licensed trading platforms and trade with advantageous offers.


The minimum trading deposit

$58 - $225

Fee trading platforms

$0.35 - $0.6

Broker’s commission

Kinds of trading account

In order to start trading traders need to open an account and fill it with a deposit. Before trading it is available to get used a bit to the platform due to demo-account.

Trading account

Before opening a real trading account you will need to fill in the special form and send the request to our company. The most popular trading platforms among the traders all over the world are ROX and Fusion.
Open account


The opening of a demo account on American stock exchange NYSE is not intended for trainings or perfecting your trading strategies. It just gives you an opportunity to get used to the interface of the trading platform.
Open account

Stock Exchanges of the USA

Stock exchanges in the USA are the biggest in the whole world. Their market capitalization and trade value are the most powerful. The biggest and the richest companies and corporations are in the listing of the American stock exchanges.

Nyse – the biggest worldwide stock exchange, where the most majority of famous companies and corporations shares trades. It has the largest market capitalization in the whole world.
Nasdaq - stock exchange in the USA, which specializes on shares of companies and corporations in technology. It the second biggest worldwide stock exchange after Nyse.
Amex – stock exchange, which composes now into Nyse. It provides international financial services. It is headquartered in Manhattan. Amex was founded in 1850.

SDG Trade education

Aim to become a great and successful trader can be achieved due to hard work and education. The last one is the most important level in trader's development because basic study course is your foundation.
Simon Braginsky

Simon Braginsky

Simon Braginsky is a trader-analyst and a coach of individual trainings. He works on financial market for more than 20 years. Simon is personally acquainted with Wall Street top executives. He creates effective special programs trading for clients.

Sergei Kolomiets

Sergei Kolomiets is a successful trader who trades on the markets NYSE, NASDAQ, since 2010. He started his career as an intraday trader, from 2012 began to invest in mid-term us stock market. From 2013 successful shares his experience teaching trading courses.
Sergei Kolomiets

Trading platforms

Modern platforms are electronic and provide trading online. American brokers have available the quickest and the most powerful trading platforms, which are used for a long time. Time proved the real quality.

Rox trading platform

Rox – very good for trader’s budget choice. This platform is simple in usage and suits nice for any computer with any characteristics. Rox is convenient for newcomers in trading and for those who trades of small volume.

Fusion trading platform

Fusion – previously was called Blackwood. This trading platform is of the high usage, especially, among experienced traders. It is improved with the biggest short-list and really very convenient for traders.

Takion trading platform

Takion – very powerful and reliable trading platform. Suits good for professional traders, who need a wide variety of tools and options. It is the most convenient platform for trades of large volume.

Why just American stock markets?

Nowadays trading is quite popular among people all over the world. People understand that trading can give them confidence and independence. Trading has more pros than cons. You can become convinced in it without any problem.

Popularized kind of earnings.

A lot of people all over the world trade in the stock market today.

Earnings in the hard currency – dollars.

It makes traders more confident in near future.

Additional earning.

Traders don’t need to spend much time on trading, they can unite their job and trading.

Good soft.

Soft is quire reliable and quick.
Why American stock markets

Work in any spot in the world.

Traders are not attached to definite place or even office. Traders can trade wherever they want.

Wide variety of market instruments.

Stock exchanges in USA are full of market instruments due to big amount of listing companies.

Good choice to change your life and earn big money.

It really gives you much opportunity to earn, but you should work hard and study this field well.

What to begin with?

If you have decided to try your hands at the stock market of the USA and don't know what to begin with, we are ready to provide you "step by step" instructions, in order that you could start to earn in the stock market trading as soon as possible.

What to begin with?