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Open a stock trading account

Open a real account

Do you want to earn a lot of money? Your goal is to conquer the stock market? Now is the best time to open a trading account with an American broker who will provide you an opportunity to trade on the global Stock Exchanges NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ. You choose the platform for your trading.  You need to fill in the special form to open a trading account.

We provide three platforms for this account:

It has the biggest short-list. There is a wide choice of routes to send an order for electronic communication networks (ECN) or to the stock market directly.

Proven for decades trading platform. It is rather simple and doesn’t require powerful computer system. Rox is a popular budget option for trading.

Open a demo account

Mastering a demo account of the trading platform is not a required stage in trading. Why? You open a demo account on the NYSE not for training or learning trading strategies, but only for familiarization with the interface of the platform. We recommend newcomers to begin with our studying course not with creating a demo account.

What demo account gives?
You will see the interface of two platforms
You will see some schedules and tables

It probably takes away the fear of involvement into the stock market for beginners

We provide two platforms for demo account:

Platforms for demo account - Rox

Why you should open an account exactly in SDG-Trade?


13 years of immaculate reputation. Many companies fell through and left the financial arena. But it isn’t our history!


We guarantee you an absolutely technical reliability. All trading platforms provided by US brokers and our company are licensed. They are not rewritten versions, which many unscrupulous companies offer.


We provide genuine access to the stock market. All deals are put in the market. You can see your deal in the ribbon of prints on any terminal in the world.   


We think strategically and focus on the long-term business. We have an honestly-acquired market date in the platforms. Regulators and data providers will never have any claims to us.