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Trading platforms for the stock market

It is important to choose the right platform if you work with the internet trading. Beginners often ask the same question - which trading platform is better to choose?

Trading platform Fusion

One of the most powerful platforms for trading through the Internet is the Fusion platform. It provides free trade and direct Internet access to the largest American stock markets - NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ. This platform has a big short list. It is very convenient to use baskets, enter orders, get information about the imbalances, Level I, Level II.

Advantages of using Fusion

  • Operates at the usual Internet speed
  • There are all the necessary indicators for technical analysis
  • The simplicity of sending orders and comprehensible windows of quotations Level II
  • Function of trading "baskets"
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Trading platform Rox

Trading platforms should be not only reliable, but also budget. That's why the ROX platform is the best option for most traders.

ROX is often in demand among experienced and professional traders. It was developed by the company Lek Securities. It is rather simple and reliable

Advantages of using ROX

  • Platform for professional trading
  • Best partner of the US stock market NASDAQ,
  • The ability to tune the terminal window for each trader individually
  • Special conditions for groups of traders and trade "by algorithm."
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