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How to start earning in the US stock market?

How to begin to earn in the US stock market

If you are a newcomer in the stock market - just try to start from studying.

First of all, it is important to get the right state of mind and not to clutter up the brain. There are so much useless information on Forex sites and different books. In order to get practice knowledge you should be taught by experienced and successful traders.

Synchronize At first, we recommend you to watch our free video course "Introduction to trading in the US stock market." 

Synchronize After taking our live - courses we recommend you some other educational programs, which are more systematic and lead by professional well-known traders.

Your first steps on the stock market

Create your own strategy
You should devote some time for charts exploring after your studying. You need to work with the screenshots of charts. It will definitely help you to create own strategy.
Study for free
You may study for free. Our company provides regular briefings, reviews of big deals and conferences.
Invest into yourself
Start from investing into yourself otherwise you will lose a lot of your time and money in the stock market.
First steps on stock market